Stakeholder Network

The joint vision for the various stimulation treatments performed within DESTRESS is to ensure minimised environmental hazard, develop innovative approaches and risk management procedures and secure broad public acceptance. DESTRESS’ technological solutions are designed to be transferable to different sites in a way that will allow the concepts to form the basis for a standardised procedure in the development of EGS projects.

To share and spread the joint vision, DESTRESS is establishing a stakeholder network to facilitate the exchange of best practices. Become a part of it!


Join us on LinkedIn and ResearchGate

DESTRESS is now present on LinkedIn and ResearchGate. Join the LinkedIn DESTRESS group to stimulate discussions among project partners and stakeholders and follow the project on ResearchGate to exchange knowledge with other researchers.


DESTRESS is seeking candidates with a strong interest in geothermal energy research, development and exploitation.

We would like to collaborate with various stakeholder groups ranging from geothermal companies, technology providers (e.g. stimulation or drilling) and energy suppliers, to environmental groups, media and scientific representatives as well as non-governmental organisations, policy makers, authorities, financial institutions, insurances as well as media and the public.

Candidates for the stakeholder network should be:

  • familiar or concerned with geothermal energy issues in Europe;

  • linked to research on geothermal energy;

  • committed to exploiting DESTRESS results;

  • willing to support the vision of accelerated deployment of geothermal energy.

In return we offer:

  • involvement in knowledge, development and technology transfer on geothermal energy;

  • exchange of best practice;

  • access to our demonstration sites and latest research via our site access programme;

  • updates on the latest project news via the DESTRESS newsletter;

  • invitations to attend internal conferences to discuss the progress and development of the project.

Application and contact

Please send us a short letter of motivation outlining your area of interest, your previous involvement in geothermal energy issues and a description of your organisation. We will then contact you to discuss the potential for cooperation.


Dr Justyna Ellis