Pohang, South Korea

DESTRESS stopped its research activities in Pohang in 2018.

The Pohang EGS Project has begun in Dec 2010 as a first EGS project in Korea with final target of producing 1 MW electricity in a doublet system run by a consortium of six industry, research institute and university research teams. The project is now expanded to have a triplet system with larger electricity generation. The project is financed by the sources from South Korea (government and industry), and stimulation following the DESTRESS concept will be performed by the Korean partners with national funding. In addition, the site will be available for one of the DESTRESS tests, performed by the DESTRESS consortium (mainly GFZ). The two tests will be complementary and thus of great added value to the project.

The site is located in the Heunghae Basin in the south east of South Korea, covered by Tertiary sedimentary rocks and Quaternary alluvium. Currently one deep drill hole (PX-1) with a total depth of 4 120 km (casing depth 2.3 km) is available, and two additional boreholes will be drilled by 2016. Currently, an on-shore drilling rig system (Max. 5 000 m depth) and a high pressure pump (11 000 psi) are in place.

Significant site characterization has been conducted through the current Pohang EGS project and by a previous feasibility study in the mid 2000s. The top of the targeted granodiorite formation is found at around 2.3 km depth, and temperature > 100 °C at 2.2 km. An extensive real time seismic monitoring programme has already been established in eight boreholes at a depth of 100 m to 200 m within 5 km of the site. Additionally, BX-3 (1 km), BX-4 (2.3 km) and H-5 (1 km) are available for possible usage for other monitoring and site characterization within 5 km of the site. Although the site is located in a sparsely populated area, there are one university and villages around 500 m away.

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Pohang, Korea

Construction Year

2016: 2 wells (PX-1 and PX-2)

Foreseen Stimulation Techniques stimulation-logo

Cyclic hydraulic stimulation (optional: multi-stage fracturing)

Type of Use

Provision of electricity

Soil Condition

Granodiorite formation

Production Horizon

Fractured granite/granodiorite

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T (°C)


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Park, Jong-hoon, President
Pohang Geothermal Power Co.
Nexgeo Inc.
5F 6F Jeonghwa Bldg. 39 Yangjae Daero 66 Gil 
Seoul 138800, Republic of Korea