Haute-Sorne, Switzerland

DESTRESS stopped its research activities in Haute-Sorne in 2018.

The demonstration site in Bedretto, Switzerland, serves as a substitute.

The Haute-Sorne Project began in 2017 with drilling Glovelier-1 (GVL-1), the first of a 2-well geothermal doublet connected through an EGS. Water was circulated between the two wells, in a closed-loop system used for power generation. GVL-1 also proved the feasibility of the Geo Energie Suisse downhole heat exchanger concept.

GVL-1 is drilled to a total vertical depth of 5 000 m. The final bottom hole static temperature (BHST) must be a minimum of 170  °C. The well was drilled vertically until the top of the granite basement was reached and steered to intersect a maximum number of natural fissures and deviated to 55° from vertical.

The injection/production drain is not cased. The open hole drained was sectioned with a completion string using water swelling elastomer and slickline operated mechanical sleeves. The planned completion design called for 30 individual sections spread over a 1 500 m long drain. Each section was stimulated independently by injecting defined volumes of fresh water, according to a pumping sequence. An extensive seismic monitoring programme was planned, that would take place before, during and after the drilling, completion and stimulation operations.

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Geo Energie Suisse

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Haute-Sorne, France

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Start drilling in 2017

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Multi-stage shear stimulation

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Provision of electricity

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not known yet

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