Geldinganes, Iceland

Geldinganes, Iceland

Geldinganes is a peninsula within the city limits of Reykjavik in Iceland. The exceptional geothermal gradient in this area allows economic heat production for the district heating system of the city of Reykjavik if the wells deliver sufficient flow rates. One existing production well was drilled in 2001 through basalts and dolerite intrusions into a gabbro body with limited success. Within the framework of DESTRESS, cyclic injection schemes will be applied at multiple stages to increase the productivity of the well. In addition to the existing microseismic monitoring system, the stimulation treatment will be monitored closely with an extended network consisting of instruments from three different DESTRESS partners. In addition to a conventional seismic traffic-light system, the advanced traffic-light system, developed within the framework of DESTRESS, will be applied for the first time in real-time in Geldinganes.

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Reykjakiv Energy

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Geldinganes, Iceland

Construction Year


Foreseen Stimulation Techniques stimulation-logo

Cyclic hydraulic stimulation and multi-stage stimulation

Type of Use

District heating

Soil Condition

Highly altered basalts, doleritic intrusions and coarse-grained gabbros

Production Horizon

Basalts and gabbros

Upper Depth (m)


Thickness (m)


T (°C)

> 100

Salinity (g/l)



Edda Sif Aradóttir, Deputy Managing Director
Reykjavik Energy
Bæjarhálsi 1, 110 Reykjavík, Iceland