Westland, The Netherlands

DESTRESS stopped its research activities in Westland in 2018.

The Westland geothermal heating plant is located in the southwestern part of the Netherlands, marked by a boom in successful doublet systems for greenhouse heating, tapping into clastic Cretaceous/Jurassic reservoirs at approximately 2 km depth. Trias Westland, a project initiative of Royal Flora Holland, HVC and Westland Infra, aims to drill a geothermal doublet to the 4000 meters deep Triassic Main Buntsandstein for long term geothermal exploitation. The geological feasibility to exploit the Buntsandstein for geothermal is uncertain at this depth. The project aims for better understanding of its hydrodynamic characteristics and has therefore planned an extensive evaluation programme, including logging (including FMI), coring and well testing. The analysis and results of this programme give the base to determine if stimulation is a safe option.

After evaluation of the well logs and drilling cores, it was found that the permeability of the reservoir was extremely poor. Permeability was in the range of 0,1-0,01 mD. This means that even with a successful near well bore stimulation a commercial viable project was impossible. Besides that, there were indications of gas content in the pores. Based on that information, the execution of the planned well tests were not possible within the project scope. Trias Westland and DESTRESS regret that it was not possible to enable geothermal development applying the foreseen chemical stimulation in the Trias sandstone in the Westland area.

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Trias Westland

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Westland, The Netherlands

Construction Year

2017 start drilling in Triassic

Foreseen Stimulation Techniques stimulation-logo

Acid (HCL and/or) HCL-HF).

Option: (tensile) fracturing or thermal stimulation

Type of Use

Heat for greenhouse

Soil Condition

Clastic (fractured) rocks (SS) with low-enthalpy geothermal resources (cores available)

Production Horizon

Triassic Sandstone

Upper Depth (m)


Thickness (m)


T (°C)


Salinity (g/l)



Marco van Soerland, Director
Floris Veeger, Project Manager Geothermie
Laurens Jongepier, Subsidy organisation
Trias Westland BV
Nieuweweg 1
2685 AP Poeldijk
The Netherlands