Access Programme

The DESTRESS Access Programme invites you to visit its geothermal project sites for knowledge exchange and in-depth training.


DESTRESS offers virtual and physical access to its sites. Every demonstration site differs in its environment and the stimulation techniques used (see Demonstration Sites). Data archiving and curation schemes developed by the EPOS IP project can be accessed virtually.


Anyone with a strong interest in geothermal energy, including researchers, industry representatives, journalists and politicians is welcome to take part.


For physical access DESTRESS offers at least one knowledge exchange and in-depth training course a year, whenever possible combined with a visit to a P&D site. Detailed information will be published on this web page at least two months in advance and advertised in the DESTRESS newsletter. The courses are taking place in the DESTRESS partnering countries.

Past Events


3rd Access Programme: Joint Horizon 2020 event of DESTRESS and DEEPEGS

Framing the geothermal workshop in Karlsruhe "Characterization of Deep Geothermal Systems" in mid-October, ES-Géothermie (ESG) scientists and staff members offered two field trips to the geothermal power plant sites in Soultz-sous-Fôrets and Rittershoffen in France. These side events took place on the 11 and 14 of October.

2nd Access Programme in Klaipeda, Lithuania

DESTRESS hold a joint project workshop together with the EU-project SURE concerning the stimulation and drilling methods of the geothermal plant on 4th and 5th April 2017 in Klaipeda. Furthermore, a site tour to the demonstration plant of GEOTERMA was offered.


1st Access Programme in Pohang, Korea

The first Access Programme took place in Korea in July 2016. Experts from Europe and Korea participated in the two seminars at the Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building (KICT; 6 July 2016) and the Seoul National University (SNU; 7 July 2016) and visited the Pohang site (4 July 2016).