Middenmeer, The Netherlands

DESTRESS stopped its research activities in Middenmeer in 2019.

Four deep geothermal wells have been completed in 2014 for two geothermal doublets, commissioned by ECW. The depth of the top of the reservoir rock (sandstones from the Slochteren formation / Rotliegend) is 2 200 m, where the temperatures reach 90 °C. The produced fluids will be used by ECW to supply heat to several greenhouses with large surface areas. For this reason, ECW is in the process of developing a heating network to transport and distribute the heat from the geothermal doublets, but also for potential users to inject heat into the net. So ECW aims to create a robust and sustainable energy supply.

One of the injection wells at Middenmeer will be available for stimulation tests in DESTRESS as a contingency site, if the sites at Westland or Klaipeda cannot be used.

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ECW Netwerk

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Middenmeer, The Netherlands

Construction Year

4 wells completed 2014

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Treatments: not yet decided, but open for all (hydraulic injection, chemical injection, thermal stimulation)
Pumping: not yet decided, but open for all (continuous, cyclic, stepwise increase)

Type of Use

Heat for greenhouses

Soil Condition

Heterogeneous sandstone

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