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Join our Final Public Conference!

Join our Final Public Conference!

The final public DESTRESS conference takes place on 24 and 25 November 2020! We are delighted to invite you to join the international geothermal community and to support the better understanding of potentials given by the geothermal energy. Owing to the extraordinary circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic, the conference will be held online. If you would like to join us, please register yourself here until 23 November 2020, participation is free of charge.

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CORDIS Results Pack on geothermal energy

DESTRESS findings released in CORDIS Results Pack on geothermal energy

The Community Research and Development Information Service (CORDIS) published a report about geothermal energy and a collection of EU-funded research results such as DESTRESS. The CORDIS Results Pack features brief articles on the most recent EU-funded geothermal energy projects. It covers the full spectrum of geothermal energy research and provides a holistic overview of the key priorities for further development and investment in these technologies. One of the projects presented in this report is DESTRESS.

Since 2016, DESTRESS has been developing and testing new stimulation methods for enhanced geothermal systems (EGS). These new stimulation methods would enable more efficient and sustainable use of geothermal energy while preventing induced seismic events and pollution of groundwater reservoirs. The lessons learnt during DESTRESS operations can positively influence and taken into account at other sites in future. From where the inspiration came to foster EGS and develop new stimulation methods is fully explained in the Results Pack of CORDIS.

Responsible Research and Innovation

New Best Practice Report: Responsible Research and Innovation

The European Commission defines responsible research and innovation (RRI) as “an approach that anticipates and assesses potential implications and societal expectations with regard to research and innovation, with the aim to foster the design of inclusive and sustainable research and innovation”. Hence, adopting the RRI principle makes it necessary to also incorporate environmental and societal viewpoints when shaping research and innovation. This raises the question on  how to best include different perspectives of various stakeholders? Find an answers in our latest best practice report.

Final General Assembly in Delft

Final General Assembly in Delft

The DESTRESS community met for the last general assembly hosted by TU Delft in late January. The aim of the gathering was to consolidate DESTRESS results, lessons learned, and remaining tasks to tackle. In an interactive poster session, important contributions were discussed and particularly insightful presentations awarded. You can find the winning posters here:

In addition, in preparation for the WGC2020 in April 2020 and the DESTRESS final conference in November 2020, key issues and findings of the project were collected and jointly discussed at seven round tables.

The following topics were discussed:

  • Management of geothermal projects - aspects in relation between project actors and site owners
  • Techno-economic evaluation of geothermal heat and power plants
  • Management of chemical and seismic risks during soft stimulation
  • Combined hydraulic-thermal-chemical treatments
  • Hydraulic stimulation concepts
  • Safe chemical and hydraulic stimulation in geothermal
  • Communication in the context of geothermal projects

 A variety of presentation formats including scientific publications and a booklet will be made available to allow interested stakeholders access to all DESTRESS results.

Welcome to DESTRESS

DESTRESS stands for a promising and future-oriented approach to demonstrate soft stimulation methods of EGS. We focus on solutions for the exploitation of underground heat which are economical, sustainable and environmentally responsible. Co-funded by the EU, we contribute to the European energy strategy, which targets renewable energy, greenhouse gas reduction and energy efficiency. The primarily objective of DESTRESS is to develop a comprehensive compilation of good practices for successful geothermal projects through demonstration and research.

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24.11. - 25.11.2020, Online

Public final DESTRESS conference

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Access Programmes

DESTRESS offers virtual and physical access to its sites. Every demonstration site differs in its environment and the stimulation techniques used.